Is it Time for an Auto Tune-up?

Try our auto diagnostic testing in Burton, MI

Every car will, at some point, show signs of a problem-things break down, and components need to be rebuilt or replaced. When your car throws up a warning light or makes a strange noise, that means it's time to bring it to Affordable Auto & Truck Repair for an auto diagnostic test and possibly an auto tune-up.

Generally, an auto tune-up will address any performance issues with your engine and correct smaller issues. Make an appointment for your auto diagnostic checkup in Burton, MI as soon as possible.

How to spot the signs your car needs a tune-up

How to spot the signs your car needs a tune-up

Any time your car throws up a warning light, you should let a trusted mechanic check it out. Every warning light indicates some sort of issue, large or small, with your car. Other than warning lights, look for these common signs that your car needs to be seen by a mechanic:

  • Repeated stalling
  • Difficulty starting the engine
  • Lower than normal fuel mileage
  • Strange or new noises
If you notice one or more of these issues, make sure to contact your auto mechanic right away. Call 810-820-8524 today to schedule your auto tune-up in Burton, MI.